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Double Bubble Slot

The Double Bubble slot is one of Microgaming’s more unusual slot games in as much as it comes with a car racing theme. That means you will find plenty of car related reel symbols in play on the reels and other symbols that help make up that theme!

In fact the bonus game on this slot is a two part one, and before you are going to get to play off a set of free spins you need to pick a car that you hope will finish in a high position in a race to find out how many free spins you are going to get to play off.

In total you will be able to play 20 paylines per spin and you will of course have the option of playing this slot for just pennies or for much higher stake amounts. One thing worth point out is that this is a low to medium variance slot so you are unlike to go on wild and long losing streaks before you spin in any winning combinations of manage to trigger the bonus game.

Have a look through the features of this slot game below for it really is a fun to play slot more so when you play it in the full screen size mode, due thanks to animated reel symbols and also with the sound effects turned on. The payout percentage like other Microgaming bonus game awarding video slot is above average and that will hopefully keep as many winning combinations spinning in as it possible!

Free Spins – The bonus game on offer on the Tiki Island slot is a two part one, as soon as you have spun into view three or more of the Trophy scatter symbol you will then get to play off a car racing game. You are tasked with picking one of three cars displayed on the bonus game screen by clicking on one of them.

Once you have made your selection those three cars will then take part in a race and depending on where you car finishes you are then awarded with 10 free spins if it finishes in third place, 15 free spins if it finishes in second place or 25 free spins if it wins that race. The free spins awarded to you will play off with x4 multipliers in play.

2000 Coin Jackpot – The Mad Dash slot game has a 2000 coin jackpot on offer which can be won via the base game. Five Logo Wild symbols spinning in on an activated payline will award you with that 2000 coin jackpot. Be aware that each additional coin that you wager on the paylines will increase the jackpot on offer on this Mad Dash slot by another 2000 coins!

Mad Dash Wild Symbol – On all five reels of this slot game there are wild symbols, those are the logo symbols, and they are going to stand in for every other reel symbol but not the Trophy scatter symbols. Get three or more wilds in a line from reel one onwards and that will award a winning payout as displayed on the pay table of this slot.

High RTP – There is a very high payout percentage on offer on this slot for Microgaming has designed this slot to return to players 97.10% of their stakes over their long term play, compare that high RTP to other slot games and you will soon discover is it very high, and that is why this slot is highly playable and one that will also give you plenty of winning opportunities!

Playtech Slot Games with High RTP’S

As most online gaming players will know, the abbreviation ‘RTP’ stands for  return to player. We will talk here about Playtech the software development company who happen to be the worlds largest supplier of online gaming and sport betting outfit and their approach to the RTP system.

Playtech tend to offer differing RTP’S mostly depending on the players chosen bet on any given betting option contained within the  very many different games. This is really projecting the onus onto the player to make an informed choice (or as informed as you can possibly be within the world of online gaming!). Really so much of it comes down to quite logically placing your wager on the best opportunity that will ultimately payout the highest percentage.

This should by rights ensure the highest attainable payouts the more frequently you place those bets. Lets take a look at some of the highlighted RTP games that Playtech are currently running and their different percentages. First up we’ll look at their Tropic Reels slot. This particular slot offers many different paylines which are scattered over a variation of sets of reels. This game may in in fact to many take some fathoning out,it’s not the easiest game and needs possibly to be played a few times in order for a player to glean the most from it.

Percentage wise though the RTP is between ninety eighty to ninety nine percent. The next one is a bit of a different take on the slot concept. It’s the Frankie Dettori slot game. Plainly,as the name suggests its a horse race themed slot which is typically bringing forth payout percentages over long term playing of  between approximately ninety five to ninety seven percent.

Another Playtech slot with a good RTP percentage is the Goblins cave. Its a multi spin game providing in the realms of between ninety eight and ninety nine percent. This, it goes without saying is a high range.

The Gold Rally slot delivers a particularly high jackpot which along with its ninety six to ninety eight percent RTP range is a popular pull. The next one we’ll look at is the Playtech Vacation Station game. It boasts nine reels with eight paylines involved in the mix. This coupled with an approximate ninety six to ninety eight RTP is plainly up there with the ‘big guns’.

The next one is the Safe Cracker slot. This game includes another extremely large jackpot game as well as RTP percentages ranging between around ninety six and ninety eight percent.

Another high one. The last  slot involving RTP’s that we’ll look at is the Desert Treasure game. This once again boasts a high percentage rating of between approximately ninety six and ninety eight percent. You might also want to check out Secrets of the Phoenix slot which has a very similar RTP.

Finally and as a post script, a game that I haven’t mentioned and probably should, is one Playtech slot that I played myself recently. It’s called Club Night and once again as the name would suggest its a club themed slot. There are loads of winning combos integrated into this game. 97% RTP here.

Avalon Slot

Avalon Slot

The Avalon Slot is an online casino game with 5 reels and 20 paylines. It is based upon the legend of King Arthur 2 and is all about ancient magical myths in the famous Avalon Island. It has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The maximum bet is worth 0.5 coins and the maximum jackpot is 3000.

To play the game

  • Foremost, select the amount to bet on by clicking the ‘bet’ option and enter that particular amount there.
  • There are five reels all of which display all the symbols
  • By clicking on the ’spin’ button given on the bottom right hand corner all five reels start spinning.
  • While the reels are spinning the spin button turns to stop. By clicking the stop button, spinning stops and the results are shown.
  • The reels can be spun by using the “auto play” button. Click auto play button and select the number of spins to be allowed.
  • After validating the spins click on auto play again and the reels start spinning the number of times they have been authorized to spin by the player. During the spinning the auto play button turns to stop.
  • The spinning stops when the number of selected spins are spun or if the player hits the stop button
  •  To learn more about the jackpots turn to  the pay table which will provide all information regarding the amount that is won

Wild Symbol

The Lady of the Lake image acts as the wild symbol. It expands and covers all three reels.

Scatter symbol

The scatter symbol is the Avalon, which multiplies the number of wins when three or more appear on the screen. This gives the player bonus games most of which have the free spin feature for players to have more chances of winning.

Starburst Slots Review

It’s bright, it’s colourful and its extremely unique – Net Entertainment have a huge reputation in the online slots world for quality games that do not disappoint. When it comes to Starburst Slots, there’s plenty to get excited about and even more to enjoy when you finally get started and get playing! This takes on the form of an exciting 80s style game which certainly adds a new edge and style to your normal form of online slots. It’s got the bright colours, the hip style and the interesting and engaging rules to keep you stuck at your PC for hours just gaming the night away.

If you like flashy music, a vibrant style and an easy to play, quickly paced online slots game there are few better places to get started than with Starburst Slots. Bright shiny jewels make up the majority of this online game, with 5 reels and 10 lines to play across in this game. While the grand jackpot that you can make up with your jewels is “only” £2,500 (while other places offer much higher jackpots) you can get a huge amount of nice little rule changes that make your chances of winning that little bit higher.

From win both ways conditions, re-spins, stacked symbols to get you a higher multiplier and also Starburst Wild which is a very interesting take on the usual Wild feature that you see in online slots games these days. Whether you are a big risk taker and like to gamble with three figures or you want to go with just a few pennies, you can do just that – the selections go from 1p to £100 –  so game away to whatever level you feel comfortable with. Few games offer you such high potential for playing high so if you just need that extra level of risk about your game, then this is the place to find it.

It’s fairly low risk in that a lot of players tend to actually get some winnings back. While you can easily go a whole night without a single win, you could get a high series of wins in a row. It’s a low-risk game that is great for people who enjoy slots without knowing that the odds are going to be tipped against you. In terms of the low -risk games out there it’s one of the most professional and high-end. If you want to find a quality online slots game to make your home for the future, this could be the place to get started.

Ladbrokes Casino Review

Among the most well known gaming companies in the UK, Ladbrokes is one of the established bookmakers in the betting and gambling industry.

Ladbrokes is based out of Rayners Lane, Harrow in London. For more than seven years, it was called Hilton Group plc since it already had brand awareness for their famous hotel chain called Hilton located outside the US.

Ladbrokes is also listed on the London Stock Exchange, while being a member of the FTSE 250 Index. The company is regulated by the betting commission and is overseen by two other regulatory authorities as well.  If you are looking for a promotional code for the Premier League then click on this link.

History of Ladbrokes

The initial offices of Ladbrokes in London were located near Strand, relocating later to Hanover Square in the year 1906.

The clients of Ladbrokes mainly consisted of British elite classes and aristocrats until the firm was acquired by Cyril Stein and his uncle Mark Stein in the year 1956.

Contrary to the usual circumstances, a woman by the name of Mrs. Helen Vernet was made the principal representative of Ladbrokes for a prolonged period. She was associated with the company in the year 1919 on an urgent request by Arthur Bendir and became a partner during 1928.

After the Second World War, Ladbrokes’ economic condition started going downwards due to various reasons like thinning of the client base, severe damage in world economy as a result of the war and the unwillingness to update the policy of bookmaking.

Under the Act of Betting and Gaming, the betting shops were legalised by the government in 1961, which allowed Stein, the managing director, to establish more betting shops using the profit from traditional business areas.

Cyril Stein, who became the chairman in 1966, acquired Texas Homecare in 1986. They sold it in 1995 to J Sainsbury plc who in turn converted it into an indigenous Homebase chain.

In September 2013, Ladbrokes was set up in Australia with further plans of a branch in Spain as well.

Markets Covered

Being the biggest betting company in the UK and the largets retail bookmaker worldwide, Ladbrokes has 2,400 betting shops spread over Ireland and the UK with even more located in Belgium and Spain.

The company also offers some interesting gambling websites, which has casino, poker, online games, sportsbook, backgammon and bingo. The system of OpenBet developed by Orbis Technology is used by this company.

Shareholders in Ladbrokes

John Magnier, a billionaire, and his partner in business, JP McManus, a famous racing tycoon, invested a stake in the company exceeding 10% in the years before 2007.

Joe Lewis, who is Magnier’s another associate, was found out to have 7% of the company’s stakes during 2008.

Profit Margins and Odd Formats

The odd formats Ladbrokes uses are US, EU and UK.

Various games have different profit margins. For example, the profit margin for tennis is 7.1%, ice hockey is 7.8%, soccer is 5.3%, baseball is 4.6%, and basketball and American football is 10.7% and 4.1% respectively with an overall margin of profit of 6.6%.

The amount of the maximum bet varies, but the minimum bet that can be placed is £0.1.

The largest winning a person can achieve is £1,000,000 each day in soccer.

Customers can place live bets too. Bets can be placed using various currencies that include CHF, AUD, EUR, CAD, HKD, GBP, MYR, JPY, ZAR, THB, USD, NZD, NOK, RMB, PLN, SGD and SEK.

Depositing and withdrawing money can be done using various methods. Some of the methods that Ladbrokes supports are cheque, bank transfer, money transfer, ClickandBuy, PayPal, Neteller and Skrill (Moneybookers).

Overall, Ladbrokes is one of the best bookmakers in the UK. If this is the first time you’re being associated with a bookmaker, then you can start off with Ladbrokes!