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Double Bubble Slot

The Double Bubble slot is one of Microgaming’s more unusual slot games in as much as it comes with a car racing theme. That means you will find plenty of car related reel symbols in play on the reels and other symbols that help make up that theme!

In fact the bonus game on this slot is a two part one, and before you are going to get to play off a set of free spins you need to pick a car that you hope will finish in a high position in a race to find out how many free spins you are going to get to play off.

In total you will be able to play 20 paylines per spin and you will of course have the option of playing this slot for just pennies or for much higher stake amounts. One thing worth point out is that this is a low to medium variance slot so you are unlike to go on wild and long losing streaks before you spin in any winning combinations of manage to trigger the bonus game.

Have a look through the features of this slot game below for it really is a fun to play slot more so when you play it in the full screen size mode, due thanks to animated reel symbols and also with the sound effects turned on. The payout percentage like other Microgaming bonus game awarding video slot is above average and that will hopefully keep as many winning combinations spinning in as it possible!

Free Spins – The bonus game on offer on the Tiki Island slot is a two part one, as soon as you have spun into view three or more of the Trophy scatter symbol you will then get to play off a car racing game. You are tasked with picking one of three cars displayed on the bonus game screen by clicking on one of them.

Once you have made your selection those three cars will then take part in a race and depending on where you car finishes you are then awarded with 10 free spins if it finishes in third place, 15 free spins if it finishes in second place or 25 free spins if it wins that race. The free spins awarded to you will play off with x4 multipliers in play.

2000 Coin Jackpot – The Mad Dash slot game has a 2000 coin jackpot on offer which can be won via the base game. Five Logo Wild symbols spinning in on an activated payline will award you with that 2000 coin jackpot. Be aware that each additional coin that you wager on the paylines will increase the jackpot on offer on this Mad Dash slot by another 2000 coins!

Mad Dash Wild Symbol – On all five reels of this slot game there are wild symbols, those are the logo symbols, and they are going to stand in for every other reel symbol but not the Trophy scatter symbols. Get three or more wilds in a line from reel one onwards and that will award a winning payout as displayed on the pay table of this slot.

High RTP – There is a very high payout percentage on offer on this slot for Microgaming has designed this slot to return to players 97.10% of their stakes over their long term play, compare that high RTP to other slot games and you will soon discover is it very high, and that is why this slot is highly playable and one that will also give you plenty of winning opportunities!

Playtech Slot Games with High RTP’S

As most online gaming players will know, the abbreviation ‘RTP’ stands for  return to player. We will talk here about Playtech the software development company who happen to be the worlds largest supplier of online gaming and sport betting outfit and their approach to the RTP system.

Playtech tend to offer differing RTP’S mostly depending on the players chosen bet on any given betting option contained within the  very many different games. This is really projecting the onus onto the player to make an informed choice (or as informed as you can possibly be within the world of online gaming!). Really so much of it comes down to quite logically placing your wager on the best opportunity that will ultimately payout the highest percentage.

This should by rights ensure the highest attainable payouts the more frequently you place those bets. Lets take a look at some of the highlighted RTP games that Playtech are currently running and their different percentages. First up we’ll look at their Tropic Reels slot. This particular slot offers many different paylines which are scattered over a variation of sets of reels. This game may in in fact to many take some fathoning out,it’s not the easiest game and needs possibly to be played a few times in order for a player to glean the most from it.

Percentage wise though the RTP is between ninety eighty to ninety nine percent. The next one is a bit of a different take on the slot concept. It’s the Frankie Dettori slot game. Plainly,as the name suggests its a horse race themed slot which is typically bringing forth payout percentages over long term playing of  between approximately ninety five to ninety seven percent.

Another Playtech slot with a good RTP percentage is the Goblins cave. Its a multi spin game providing in the realms of between ninety eight and ninety nine percent. This, it goes without saying is a high range.

The Gold Rally slot delivers a particularly high jackpot which along with its ninety six to ninety eight percent RTP range is a popular pull. The next one we’ll look at is the Playtech Vacation Station game. It boasts nine reels with eight paylines involved in the mix. This coupled with an approximate ninety six to ninety eight RTP is plainly up there with the ‘big guns’.

The next one is the Safe Cracker slot. This game includes another extremely large jackpot game as well as RTP percentages ranging between around ninety six and ninety eight percent.

Another high one. The last  slot involving RTP’s that we’ll look at is the Desert Treasure game. This once again boasts a high percentage rating of between approximately ninety six and ninety eight percent. You might also want to check out Secrets of the Phoenix slot which has a very similar RTP.

Finally and as a post script, a game that I haven’t mentioned and probably should, is one Playtech slot that I played myself recently. It’s called Club Night and once again as the name would suggest its a club themed slot. There are loads of winning combos integrated into this game. 97% RTP here.

Desert Treasure 2 Slot Machine

Overview of Desert Treasure 2 Slot Machine: Desert Thrill Revamped

Type Of Slot Machine: Multi-Coin, Multi-Denominations, Multiline, Skill Stop Feature, Multipliers, Free Spin Bonus Round, Oasis Bonus Feature, Scatter Symbols, Expanding Wild Symbols, Video Slot Machine Game
Software: Playtech
Platform: Downloadable and Instant Play
Reels: 5
Paylines: 20
Max Coins Per Line: 10
Bet Range Per Payline: 0.01 – 5.00
Denominations: USD, EUR, and GBP.
Auto Spin: Yes
Jackpot: 10,000 credits, 2nd Highest payout 2,000 credits.

Playtech has entirely revamped their popular Desert Treasure Slot machine game and players are sure to awe their eyes, as they get to see the all-new Desert Treasure 2 slot machine game. The low variance game Desert Treasure slot game from Playtech in its earlier edition was not much of a vibrant and tantalizing to the slot gamers, but the new edition of the slot machine, Desert Treasure 2 slot game promises you a better slot entertainment and much enhanced skin. Desert Treasure 2 ensure more fun and a thrilling slot gaming experience that is sure to make gamers admire this low variance slot game. All those out there who are skeptical about the performance of this low variance slot game must check out the new version of the game to experience a new slot gaming fun. Moreover, apart from the vibrant skin, improved graphics and sound, Desert Treasure slot machine game is also equipped with the capability of expanding the Wild symbols on the second, third and the fourth reels along with an exciting bonus round than its earlier version. Desert Treasure 2 slot game is also a 5-reel video slot game similar to the earlier version having 20 pay lines with a whopping jackpot amount of 10,000 coins equivalent to 100,000 provided if players could procure five Bedouins. Previously, the top paying symbol was the Oasis symbol, which in the new version has changed to the Bedouins. This is surely going to be the ‘Holy Grail’ strike on the Desert Treasure 2 slot machine game. However, majority of the symbols including the wild, scatters and regular symbols are the same as the older version of the game that will make it easier for the players to gamble high like the previous one. in Desert Treasure 2 slot game, all the symbols creates payout in a left to right sequence on Reels 1-5 just  like the older version, only excluding the Arabian Princess Scatter that could pay in any way.  Players also have the option to play with CAD, Euro or British Pounds, however, the amounts are displayed in USD.

Coin sizes:

Selecting the right coin size is a must-do option in the Desert Treasure 2 Slot game, as it evaluates a players’ winning amount. Similar to the older version of the game, in Desert Treasure 2 slot game, the minimum coin denomination is $ 0.01 and the maximum is $ 5 for each pay line. The minimum wager amount starts from 1 and one could place up to 10 for a single pay line. There are 20 pay lines and the minimum wager is 0.01 with the maximum wager amount of 1000 every spin. The highest jackpot payout is similar to the older version, 10,000 coins per spin. Players could select the coin size by clicking on the ‘+’ or the ‘-‘symbol under the coin size display. You could go for the ‘BET MAX’ button to place the maximum number of bet amount per pay line. Furthermore, clicking on the ‘BET PER LINE’ to select the bet lines and ‘SELECT LINE’ option to add an extra bet line for winning big.

Wild symbols:

The King Cobra is the Wild Symbol in the Desert Treasure 2 slot game that could show up anywhere on the second, third or the fourth reel and can replace any other symbols in the game, excluding the Treasure Map & the Arabian Princess Scatters. However, the exciting feature of the new version of the slot game is that the Wild symbol, Cobra could be extended anywhere on the 2, 3 and the 4th reels to make out a winning combo for the players. However, it is to be noted that the Cobra will not expand on the reel if the players fails to procure a winning sequence on the enabled pay line.

Scatter Symbols:

Scatter symbols in the Desert Treasure 2 slot game is the Treasure Map as well as the Arabian Princess that need not to show up on any fixed pay line or in an orderly sequence. The Scatters could unveil themselves anywhere on the reels to complete a winning combination for the players. The showing up of 3 or more Arabian Princess Scatter enables the players to procure Desert Treasure Free Spins Bonus Game, where unlike the previous version (which used to deliver 10 free spins) 15 free spins are rewarded. Whilst the Free spin round, if three scatters reveals again, then the player gets more 15 X 2 free spins (in the previous version it was 10 spins X 3). During the Desert Treasure 2 free spinning round, the winning combos are doubled. All winning amounts are added to the original winning stakes.

The Treasure Map Scatter ensures entry to the Desert Treasure Oasis Bonus Round, where a player could be rewarded with three, four or five treasure chests, among which contains cash prizes and a map to the second level, helping players to score big. However, the free spin multiplier is not accounted for, whilst the Oasis Bonus Feature.

The Skill Stop Spin Feature is an exciting feature of the revamped slot game that enables the player to stop spinning the wheel with just a simple touch. This brings in a higher chance of winning bonus prizes and creating winning combinations much better.